Care and maintenance for your granite counter top is simple:
  • We recommend you seal it once a year with our easy-to-use water-based sealer.
  • Daily maintenance involves wiping your countertops like you would any other countertop. EASY!
  • You do not need any special cleaner.
  • You can use liquid dish soap to disinfect and clean your tops (such as Dawn and water).
  • You can use rubbing alcohol to wipe up anything stubborn on your tops or to just get it nice and clean.
  • Windex can be used – just be sure it doesn’t have ammonia in it.
  • Harsh chemicals like Soft Scrub or Mr. Clean can damage the finish of granite.
  • You can cut on granite but we do not recommend it. It will dull your knives.
  • Granite can take extreme heat, which is wonderful when you have limited space.