What happens once I choose my new countertop surface?

Korkan Granite will visit your home to take final measurements and make a template for the new countertop. We use the template to create your new countertop to fit your room’s exact dimensions. If you haven’t already provided us with your new sink, cooktop or other appliances that mount to the countertop surface, you should do so at this time. When the finished countertop is ready, we will contact you to schedule an installation date.

How should I prepare for installation day?

It is advisable to completely empty the base cabinets where the new countertops will go of all items, including removing the drawers. This makes it easier for the installers to gain access to the countertop during installation. It also keeps your belongings clean and free from incidental dust arising from the countertop installation.

Do I need to be on site when the new countertop is installed?

If possible. Although we carry the necessary insurance to protect your home while their employees are on the job, decisions often need to be made regarding the final installation that only you (or your representative) can make. You, or your representative, will want to inspect the final product once it has been installed.